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all i want from life (today) is beer and chocolate..

every time i mention being short, my supervisor (at work) comments with something along the lines of “yea, maybe for a model, but you’re of average height”.

and i always thought he was being mean and implying i can never become a model, but

it turns out he thinks i’m actually a model what?

(obligatory post praising lanvin.)

what is this world we live in when b/w blogs have to edit rick runway pictures to fit their themes, i ask!

i actually DO really like some of it what

but at the same time i can’t be bothered enough to click on the pictures to see them in full size?

my personal pet-peeves when it comes to “fashion people” include: loosely-laced/unlaced combat boots. SERIOUSLY it’s almost hilarious how those people don’t understand the whole concept of combat boots.. but sigh, “fashion people”.

re ann d. leaving her label.. i am sad and a bit shocked, though honestly i knew this day would come. i guess it’s just so weird for me, considering all my favourite labels are still being designed by their “original” designers, so it’s hard for me to imagine what their brands would look like under a different person. i hope ann d. won’t become another brand who will live in the past, through our beloved browsing/sharing of old collections, because it is one of the literally 3 brands that i still get more excited for when i see on the runway, rather than presented by a 10+ year old piece on ebay..

a ticket machine in the moscow metro apparently accepts squats as payments TUMBLR I’M WAITING!

it’s such a waste though, because i look so good reading kafka in lace underwear and an oversized cardigan; why am i single?

in other news, i also managed to spill piping hot coffee all over my legs.