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i should be crowned thigh bruise queen. you could probably beat someone black and blue and they’d still have less bruises than what i get from sleeping on a bed or leaning on something, or, you know, standing still and breathing.

i honestly would not even call it a waste of time if i were to stay at home all day, lie on the floor and play with my cats.

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i want to get drunk and that is a sad reminder of my youth and stupidity, or at least of me trying to hang on to them for as long as i can.

forgot my cash at home, one of my cards did not work, and the other had -5lv. on it;

and of course, i know all of this, because i tried paying for my coffee with each and every one of those three.

a woman in head-to-toe rick owens just came up to me and asked me about where i had gotten my avocado/arugula salad from.

i got a free doughnut with my coffee, so i guess today will be filled with self-hatred and boston cream..

current mood: oui mais non.

Got tagged by @bjomolf and then also by @dodkokompotko, so here goes..

Rule #1 : Always post the rules.

Rule #2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 10 new ones.

Rule #3: Tag 11 (or more) new people and link them in this post.

Rule #4: Tell them you tagged them.


1. Given the choice, would you rather live in a house or apartment? i.. do not like inconvenient things; i also do not like owning more that i need, and considering that a house is just that (space that i do not need), i’d rather live in an apartment.

2. Are you are morning person? can’t really say. i’m hell for the first 10-15min., but after that i could talk your ears off if i so desired (and i usually do)..

3. Least favourite colour? yellow.

4. Random Shakespearean quote that catches your eye?

SECOND WITCH: killing swine.

5. You can get one item for free from Ikea. What’s your pick? the herring-shaped pillow.

6. Something you never travel without? passport? money? uh..

7. What gets your goat? *unsophisticated giggling* people who do not even bother trying to understand what i’m explaining.

8. Sleepovers or camping? i don’t really mind either of those.

9. Least favourite internet meme? the internet itself.

10. Preferred method of travel? depends on the distance; either train, or on foot.



1. Have you ever peed in a sink? all day, every day! (and, no.)

2. If you could reenact any scene from a movie IRL, what would you reenact? the opening scene from “blue spring” (though i probably would not have the balls to try it if it came down to it..).

3. Have you ever felt the need to punch someone in the neck without any reason? yes.

4. If you could eat anything (I mean even things that aren’t meant for eating) without consequences, what would you eat? i’d like to try chewing on a rock; or maybe some sulphur?

5. DO YOU EVEN LIFT, BRUH? no, but i think it’s high time i started doing that..

6. What’s your favourite facial hair style? anything that is not the “beard-instead-of-a-personality” white boys enjoy nowadays; but i like viking beards on actual vikings, and ironic moustaches.

7. When and where was the last time you farted in public (from the loudest of farts to the deadliest one cheek sneaks)? jesus, you can’t ask a lady such questions!

8. What’s the most awkward thing that’d happened to you? uuuh, nothing really comes to mind; which is weird, considering my life is one big pile of awkward moments.

9. What’s your most favouritest Cartoon Network cartoon ever? scooby-doo.

10. What’s the meaning of life (for you at least)? working on it as we speak. otherwise, 42?

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i’m done with exams so i bought myself this to celebrate. i’m very, very pleased.